1. Is sound equipment required on the day?

    No. Heather does not use amplification as she believes your wedding day shouldn’t be spoilt by loud music or feedback from amplifiers. Heather usually arrives at your venue 1 hour before the ceremony to test the acoustics and to speak with the vicar/registrar. She has a small/ discrete CD player to play her backing music.

  2. Does Heather attend the rehearsal?

    Yes. This is all included in the price. Unless Heather is singing as a surprise, for obvious reasons she would not attend the rehearsal.

  3. How does Heather make sure her singing is a secret?

    Once Heather knows her singing is a secret, she will ask you for telephone numbers and email addresses she can contact you on so that the surprise is kept a surprise! On the day of your wedding Heather sits in the congregation as normal until it is time to sing, and usually nobody suspects a thing!

  4. I can’t decide what songs to have?

    Don’t worry. You don’t have to make a final decision until 3 months before your wedding and Heather is more than happy give her advice.

  5. How much notice does Heather need to sing at my wedding?

    Heather has taken bookings with as little as 3 weeks notice and as much as 2 years. Heather will do her best to accommodate any wedding requests but advises you book in advance to avoid disappointment and to ensure you get the song you really want.

  6. My vicar/venue has never had a Wedding Ceremony Singer and is a little apprehensive.

    Don’t worry, this is quite normal. Wedding Ceremony Singers are not that common in comparison to choirs and organs. I am happy to contact your venue/vicar and put their mind at rest regards your song arrangements.

  7. Are there any hidden costs?

    No. Heather will quote you for your wedding and that price will never change. The price will include travel costs, costs for any backing music and attending your rehearsal. Heather is happy to perform for you during your reception if you wish.

If Heather has been unable to answer any of your questions, you can email your queries to info@agiftoflove.co.ukor alternatively contact her on 07851284118.